1. The file I just downloaded is not 300dpi, which is the standard for printed materials. Why?

A: The images that you download are output by different cameras, scanners or other equipment. The default resolution on some of them could be lower than 300 dpi. This doesn't mean that the file cannot be used. Before you download a file, first make sure you check the "Print size" in both English and metric systems for both web and print use. Use any graphical software to adjust the image resolution.


2. Are the images free of watermarks?

A: Yes, all the high-resolution images that you download do not have watermarks. Only the thumbnails visible on the site are watermarked for reasons related to copyright protection. You can download a file by using the Download button located when clicked the Pricing tab. Ensure you've selected the right size and license before using the Download button.


3. How do I pay for your images?

A: We provide you with a full secure payment option (ITA payment Gateway) or use one of our offline payment methods (regular bank check, cashier’s check, bank transfer). For any of the offline payment methods, please contact us at (+968 24612020) or vAlbum Live Support, a chat forum where you get information from management for more details. Make sure you create an account first and have all the payment info ready prior to making the call.


4. Why are there several licenses for an image? Which license do I buy?

A: You can download our images one-by-one or under various license agreements, depending on the usage that you intend. All our images can be downloaded under the standard Royalty Free license, which is suitable for most usage types. This is also the best and the least expensive license. There are times when this license may not fit your usage. For that you may need to check the additional extended licenses, which grants you additional rights of usage. To check which license is appropriate for your usage, please see our Terms of Use.


5. As a new customer I am trying to figure out which credit package to purchase. Can you help?

A: The packages are tailor made for your design needs. If you tend to use many images on the long term, then a higher package is suggested, in order to take advantage of the higher discounts. If you need less images, then choose a less expensive package.


6. I cannot distinguish between watermarked and non-watermarked images. When I click on them, they all have a watermark. Can you help?

A: vAlbum provides various sizes of small thumbnails and a larger version when clicked on the thumbnails, which includes a transparent watermark (vAlbum logo as a semitransparent layer centered on the image). Please take note that this is for security reasons and the high-resolution version you will download (using the download button) is free of any watermarks.


7. I have just registered but I cannot access my account, where's the problem?

A: Please make sure that your browser accepts cookies. The login details can be accessed by requesting us.


8. I forgot my login details, how do I find them?

A: In order to retrieve your login details please access "Forget password" page. Use the email address you provided upon registration.



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